Bring Your Garden Inside for a Healthier Home

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Plants are our photosynthesising friends, freshening our air, making our homes more beautiful and generally improving our daily lives. There are many ways that plants make our lives better.

They are beautiful to have around and thus make us happier, and can sometimes act as companions as we watch them grow and thrive thanks to our love.

For those who do not share a feeling of kinship with plants, there are other net benefits! Read on to find out more about the health benefits of having an inside garden!

Plants reduce stress

Plants are wonderful to behold. Being surrounded by natural beauty is a proven stress-reducer, but this is not the only way that having houseplants can reduce stress.

If you are looking for a calming hobby, this is absolutely ideal. In the evening before bed, you can walk around your home and see how your little friends are doing.

Tend to their needs, give them some love and care before you do the same for yourself. The creation of bedtime rituals is also useful for battling insomnia if you suffer from it, and could provide better sleep for all of us by virtue of its calming benefits.

Plants also enjoy being talked or sung to, and could provide an emotional release for us, too. Just like pets, you can tell your plants your deepest darkest secret and they’ll never whisper a word of it to anyone.

Consider adding plants to areas that are currently not used – especially plants that don’t need much sun, and can be put in dark corners. If you consider which plants will do best in a particular environment, you could have a home full of green buddies who will brighten up your life!

Plants purify the air

Plants naturally produce pure oxygen, which is key to keeping us alive! Low levels of oxygen can cause headaches and fatigue, so a little boost is good for us all.

Other than producing clean air, they are also fantastic at absorbing toxic chemicals that remain suspended in the air, such as after cleaning for instance. To avoid toxins as much as possible, you can get plants like the Areca Palm (otherwise known as the Butterfly Palm), which is fantastic at removing formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide from the air.

They are perfectly suited to be sat under a window in the living room, and two of them on either side of a bay window makes for an exotic looking space, says Joscelyne Williams from Get a Window. Peace lilies are perfect for bathrooms since they remove mold from the air which proliferates in moist environments. Keep it on a high shelf if you have pets, though, since it is toxic for our furry friends.

Another way that plants purify air is by reducing dust levels, which is absolutely key if you have allergies. Plants like the spider plant or dragon tree are ideal for this. The final way that plants improve the air quality is by keeping humidity levels up.

While this could be a problem if you live somewhere that’s already damp, for drier months and areas, plants can be a godsend. Your skin and throat will benefit from having more moisture in the air, so consider adding a Boston fern to your bedroom if this is something you think would help in your life!

Plants boost healing

While it is well known that plants form the building blocks for many of our medicines, nowadays when we get ill we go straight to the doctors’.

What if you could find the preventative and curative power within your home?

In terms of preventing illness, the purifying properties of plants mentioned above do a good job of keeping diseases at bay. For the most restful and curative sleep possible, choose plants which also purify air at night for the bedroom like the gerbera daisy.

There are also many plants that can improve our health in the long-term or cure diseases when we consume them. It is a good idea to keep an aloe vera plant in the kitchen (in a well-drained pot, they don’t like wet feet). You can cut off their big spiky leaves and blend them up into a smoothie.

While leading a healthy life is important, sometimes life gets in the way and we can get slightly malnourished. The aloe plant in your kitchen window can act as a reminder to add some nutrients to your diet. With more than 30 vitamins and minerals, they can be a vital nutrition boost if you haven’t been eating right.

Plus, they provide instant burn relief so when you accidentally catch the inside of the oven with your arm, you will be able to cure your burn quickly by rubbing some of the gel within the leaves onto the burned area.

With so many health benefits to having indoor plants, why not bring some of your plants indoors! You can take cuttings from your outdoor plants to propagate indoors, or transplant plants currently living in soil into pots.

Pot gardening is easier than it seems and is great for those of us who change their mind about interior and garden design often.

In any case, if you want to create a healthy environment for yourself and your family, adding some plant life into yours can be a great place to start!

This post has been provided by Get a Window, a service website for comparing quotes between different window installment and repairing companies.

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