Your Domestic Water Pressure is Too High? Find Out What To Do!

A domestic water pressure gauge

You’ve noticed that your shower water trickles? And does your washing machine take forever to fill up? Those are all signs of low water pressure and this common issue appears …

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Is Your Boiler Condensate Pipe Leaking? Here’s What To Do!

Gas-certified heating engineer who inspects a condensing boiler pipe leak

We all get to a point in our lives where we wish we had the ability to predict the future. And when you are suddenly faced with some sort of …

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How to Find Reliable Plumbers Near You?

Local trustworthy plumber resolving customer's plumbing issues

Clogged drain? Running toilet? God forbid – a faulty boiler?

Plumbing issues come like a bolt from the blue and cause troubles or significant damage to your home. So, when …

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How to Prepare Your Home for the Easter [Bonus: Spring Home Maintenance Checklist]

The Easter bank holiday is just the right time to plan and complete some simple but effective home renovation tasks. It’s also a nice moment to spend time with your …

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[Quiz] Should You Become a Carpenter?

how to add wood paneling to walls

Choosing a career path is not easy. There’s a variety of skill sets people can choose from and most of them are interesting enough to evoke curiosity. Sometimes, the choice …

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