13 Tips for Improving a Conservatory’s Security

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Securing a conservatory
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A conservatory can be a fantastic way of expanding your home and connecting your living space with the garden. It’s a common belief that having a conservatory is a security risk for your property, providing easy access to any intruders. However, with the right measures, you won’t have to worry about that.

So here are some easy-to-implement improvements you can do to heighten a conservatory’s security with special attention paid to a very vulnerable area – the door.

Opt for a multi-point locking system

Conservatories are typically built with uPVC doors, despite the fact you can choose aluminium, timber or a composite door. Whether you choose Bi-fold, French, sliding or single conservatory door, it is critical to guarantee safety by installing a high-quality lock. The security of your conservatory door should be of the same quality as your front door.

Therefore, the multi-point locking systems can prove to be a great addition to any home, especially when it comes to conservatory doors. When considering which type of door is best for you, take into account the option of installing multi-point locks.

Instead of relying on just one single locking point, this type of lock has multiple points at the top, bottom and sides of the door that all activate at once when someone engages it. This makes these locks ideal for sunroom doors leading into homes and properties, as they provide maximum protection. As opposed to traditional single-point locks, multi-point door locks have become renowned as being the most secure mechanism available.

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Change the standard door locks

As we mentioned already, conservatories are normally designed with uPVC doors, which come with standard Euro cylinder locks. However, most standard locks are not designed to withstand forced entry attempts. 

So get informed about the various high-security locks that are available and opt-in for multi-point locking systems, anti-snap locks with a minimum 3-star British Standard rating or a Sold Secure Diamond rating.

We specialise in lock change.

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We specialise in lock change.

Skilled locksmiths available near you.

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Have an additional lock installed

One of the most effective ways to secure your conservatory door is to install a secondary lock. Depending on the type you choose, they can be placed on the top or bottom of the door. Here are some ideas:

  • For those with sliding doors, a multi-point central rail lock is recommended. 
  • French doors can be secured with either a mortice sash lock or a hinge bolt. 
  • To enhance security even more, anti-tamper locks and anti-snap cylinders can also be installed.
  • The door press lock is an excellent addition for metal or wood hinged and sliding doors. 
  • For your French door, you can opt for hinge bolts, bottom deadbolts, shoot bolts or a mortice sash lock. 

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Add secure door handles

For additional protection of your conservatory door, it is recommended that you invest in an approved high-security handle.Installing secure door handles is a great way to protect your timber, uPVC, or composite doors from forced entry. 

These enhanced security door handles are specifically designed to be compatible with the majority of new multi-point locking systems. They also meet the new standards of protection set forth by TS007 2012 for maximum security. With these handles in place, you can rest assured that your property will be as safe and secure as possible.

Install door and window sensors

Various electronic security solutions are also available to help protect your residence. Door and window sensors, for instance, can be installed within a comprehensive home security system.

Not only will they sound an alarm in the event of any unauthorised access, but they’ll also send out a direct notification to your phone. Additionally, glass break detectors provide extra protection on sliding doors or French doors. A simple installation yields great reward – should someone attempt to break through the glass, these detectors will activate an alarm right away.

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Keep the internal door

For those constructing a conservatory, security should be of the utmost importance. Rather than opting for aesthetic choices such as an arched entryway or glass-panelled doors, keeping your existing door is far wiser. 

This is particularly true in cases where the front door is insurance-compliant and secure, meaning that it has already been designed with protection in mind. So, keeping the current door is usually preferable for overall safety.

Install an anti-lift device

A potential risk for your conservatory door is that it could be lifted from the frame. To minimise this risk, you can opt for anti-lift devices. They come in two varieties.

The first are small wedges placed above the door so, as not to impede its lifting. The other is a locking device attached at both top and bottom with a secure locking bolt that slots into the moveable door. Using such a device can significantly improve the security of your conservatory, providing optimal protection against lifting the door from its track.

Reinforce the glass

Maybe your first concerns were about the energy efficiency of your newly built conservatory. A popular choice is energy-efficient glass, also known as heat-reflective glass. 

As the name suggests, this type of glass reduces heat loss and sun glare. If you have chosen the double-glazed or triple-glazed option, you can significantly improve home insulation.

Laminated glass is another great option when safety and security are your primary concerns. While it will crack, it will not smash into pieces. Toughened safety glass is another popular option for secure conservatory doors, especially when it’s double-glazed. However, unlike laminated glass, it will shatter. 

Also, an often overlooked but effective security measure is applying a security film to the conservatory glass. This transparent layer reinforces the glass, making it more difficult to shatter. It acts as an invisible shield, adding an extra barrier against potential intruders.

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Integrate CCTV

Integrating CCTV cameras in and around the conservatory provides both real-time monitoring and a extra protection. Visible cameras act as powerful deterrents, making potential intruders think twice before attempting a break-in.

Use landscaping as a natural barrier

Strategic landscaping can act as a natural deterrent. Plant thorny bushes or install gravel paths beneath conservatory windows and doors. This way, you will not only enhance the aesthetics but also create a natural barrier, dissuading unauthorised access.

Get motion sensors to light your way home

Illuminate the exterior of your conservatory with motion sensor lighting. Intruders are less likely to approach a well-lit area, reducing the risk of break-ins. This simple yet effective measure enhances both security and peace of mind.

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Keep your valuables out of sight

Securing your home and its contents is essential for keeping intruders away and decreasing the likelihood of burglaries. When you’re away from your conservatory, make sure to take all valuables out of sight because they may attract unwanted attention.

Don’t let items like laptops or tablets near the windows so they can be easily spotted by someone who has gained access to your garden. To ensure the safety of your belongings, always remove them before leaving. As an additional step, you can install curtains or blinds, as they are an inexpensive solution to adding a layer of protection.

Secure the roof

When building a conservatory, it is essential to consider the roof’s security. Utilising high-grade toughened glass can both improve the protection of your conservatory and help increase its energy efficiency.

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  • The first thing to do to increase the security of your conservatory door is to invest in a quality multi-point locking system. Also, you can add a secondary lock for maximum protection.
  • Secure door handles, anti-snap locks, hinge bolts, and anti-lift devices are just a few easy ways to keep your conservatory and property safe from the most common burglar intrusion techniques.
  • Choosing double or triple-glazed window panes and dress the space with curtains or blinds.
  • Secure the area around the conservatory by adding a quality CCTV system, motion detection lights and strategically placed plants.

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