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how to build a conservatory by yourself

[Quiz] Is Your Home Safe When You Go on Vacation

There’s nothing better than going on a vacation with your friends or family, after long months of non-stop tedious work. But, as you’re about to visit a new place, you …

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how to climb a ladder safely

How to Climb a Ladder Safely

A statistic states that more than 25% of all falls from height are from ladders. This often leads to bruises, broken limbs and sometimes even worse. The saddest part about …

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fire safety checklist

Fire Safety Risk Assessment, Fire Hazards Prevention & Planning: Essential Measures

According to the “team of professional electricians” you should keep an eye for:Fires are one of the main reasons for injuries, or worse – causes of death. Fires are unpredictable, …

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how to make your home safe from floods

How to Make Your Home Safe from Floods

Floods can cause serious damage to properties and infrastructure, not to mention that they can also disrupt communications and put people’s life at risk. …

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How to Keep Your Home Safe from Earthquakes

Depending on your geographical location, earthquakes can vary from a mild nuisance to a life and death matter. If you live in a zone that’s often threatened by serious earthquakes, …

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