Safety & Efficiency

[Quiz] Is Your Home Safe When You Go on Vacation

how to build a conservatory by yourself

There’s nothing better than going on a vacation with your friends or family, after long months of non-stop tedious work. But, as you’re about to visit a new place, you …

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How to Climb a Ladder Safely

how to climb a ladder safely

A statistic states that more than 25% of all falls from height are from ladders. This often leads to bruises, broken limbs and sometimes even worse. The saddest part about …

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How to Install, Wire and Connect Your New Electric Cooker in 6 Simple Steps

How to install, wire and connect an electric cooker

The time has come to replace your electric cooker, whether it’s because your appliance is dead after years of use or simply because you want to modernise your kitchen. And …

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A Guide to a DIY Home Energy Audit for UK

how to install a dimmer switch

With almost a third of carbon emissions coming from our everyday household energy use, improving our homes’ energy efficiency has been always a hot topic in the UK. …

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How to Dispose of Your Fridge Freezer?

How to dispose of fridge refrigirator

On the outside, your fridge may look like a complicated, but ultimately, a harmless cooling box. However, deconstructing the piece of appliance in an unprofessional and inexperienced manner could result with …

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