Safety & Efficiency

Fire Safety Risk Assessment, Fire Hazards Prevention & Planning: Essential Measures

fire safety checklist

According to the “team of professional electricians” you should keep an eye for:Fires are one of the main reasons for injuries, or worse – causes of death. Fires are unpredictable, …

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Pros and Cons of Solar Water Heaters

pros and cons of solar water heaters

Progress with green energy is as controversial as ever, but one thing no one can deny – it’s getting more and more efficient, and more and more affordable with each …

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How to Improve Energy Efficiency at Home

how to install landscape path lighting

In recent years, there has been a lot of interest in how to improve energy efficiency at home. This was brought about by a desire to reduce carbon emissions, as …

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How to Make Your Own Drying Rack for Clothes

how to make your own drying rack for clothes

Drying racks for laundry are often used in low-budget households or simply in households that prefer not to waste electricity on clothing dryers. There is an estimate that about 12% …

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Power Outages and Other Christmas Disasters

christmas disasters

Ideally, Christmas is a time of cheer and family gatherings, lots of good food, and decorated living rooms with fireplaces. But all of this can be easily ruined if you’re …

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