Safety & Efficiency

How to Keep Your Home Safe from Earthquakes

Depending on your geographical location, earthquakes can vary from a mild nuisance to a life and death matter. If you live in a zone that’s often threatened by serious earthquakes, …

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How to Make Your Home Safe from Fire

how to keep your home safe from fire

Fire hazards are more common than you might think, especially in a big city like London. Sometimes, a spark at the wrong place and at the wrong time is enough …

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How to Keep Your House Safe From Electrocution

Electricity and the danger of getting electrocuted can be a very serious matter, which is why it’s very important to get educated about every possible safety measure in your home.…

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[Infographic] How to Save Energy for Kids

Fantastic Handyman gathered a list of the nine basic ways kids can help with saving energy, protecting the environment, and of course, make it a little easier on their parent’s …

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5 Things You Need To Know About Gas Safety

boiler pipe issues

Gas Safety Week is a national campaign aimed at raising awareness of gas safety in all domestic and commercial premises. It was run for the first time…

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