Painting & Decorating KNOW-HOW: The Novice Guide to Paint like a PRO

If the walls in your living room are coloured in the incredibly dull hues of white or beige, then you have a problem that affects millions of people worldwide. But …

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15 Must Have Tools for Every Homeowner

There are always little odd jobs that need to be taken care of in the home, whether it is fixing a wobbly chair leg, tightening a leaking pipe, or just …

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How to Make Your Own Drying Rack for Clothes

how to make your own drying rack for clothes

Drying racks for laundry are often used in low-budget households or simply in households that prefer not to waste electricity on clothing dryers. There is an estimate that about 12% …

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How to Remove Scratches from Wood Furniture

how to remove scratches from wooden furniture

There isn’t a home on this planet that does not feature at least one or two types of wood furniture. But despite being beautiful and durable throughout the years, this …

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What to Use if You Don’t Have a Wrench

what to use if you don't have a wrench

We have all experienced moments where a table or chair leg is loose and wobbly, there is a leaking pipe or furniture has to be dismantled in preparation for a …

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