[Download] Home Maintenance Checklist

home maintenance checklist

Home maintenance takes a lot of time and effort, and there always is something you forget to check. Everything has a wear and tear period, and if you want to …

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How to Be a Good Plumber

how to be a good plumber

If you spend too much time at home or are into DIY repairs, then you would definitely want to learn what it takes to be a top-class plumber.…

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How to Mount TV on Wall by Yourself

how to mount TV on wall by yourself

Mounting your flat screen TV on a wall comes with a mountain of benefits – it saves spaces, enriches home decor, improves picture visibility. Unfortunately, the installation is not the …

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What is Modular Housing

modular houseing

Mass-produced, modular or prefab housing has suffered a lot of bad press during its checkered history. Attempts were made, in the 60’s and 80’s to rekindle some kind of interest …

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The Nuts and Bolts of Choosing a Handyman

how to recognise a good handyman

Just about any service that involves people coming to your house, has its risks. Risks of being swindled, risks of having to do with unreliable “professionals” and more.…

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