[Infographic] How to Save Energy for Kids

Education about household energy consumption and options for saving energy should start from an early age.

How to Save Energy for Kids

Fantastic Handyman gathered a list of the nine basic ways kids can help with saving energy, protecting the environment, and of course, make it a little easier on their parent’s wallets when the electricity bill arrives.

  • Turn off the lights whenever you leave the room.
  • When using the AC, make sure all doors and windows are closed.
  • Pull curtains from the windows to use all the sunlight you can get during the day.
  • Bath as fast as you can to save energy from bathroom lighting.
  • Pull the plug on any device you’re not currently using.
  • Don’t keep the fridge door open for long.
  • Switch the facet off, while brushing your teeth.
  • Teach parents the money-saving benefits of LED lights.
  • Teach parents that home appliances use up less electricity at night.


How to save energy forkids - infographic

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