Power Outages and Other Christmas Disasters

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christmas disasters

Ideally, Christmas is a time of cheer and family gatherings, lots of good food, and decorated living rooms with fireplaces. But all of this can be easily ruined if you’re not careful with the appliances you possess at home.

There are certain disasters that seem to wait for the winter holidays to make themselves known. And, not only are they troublesome, but they can easily ruin the Christmas spirit in the entire household.

Below are three buzzkills that you should be wary of.

Destroyed Christmas Trees

If you have pets, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Cats and dogs (especially cats) simply love shiny things and after your Christmas tree delivery and decoration, toys are just begging to be pounced on.

Danger: Cats and dogs might and will attack your Christmas tree. Sometimes, it might be a harmless swat. Other times, the whole tree will be toppled over. Worst case scenario – Christmas tree falls into the fireplace, fire hazard ensues.

How to avoid disaster: Keep your pet out of the room where the Christmas tree is located. If that’s not possible, situate the tree on a higher platform so that it is not as easily accessible and keep an eye on your pet at all times.

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Leaky Pipes

The pipes in your property are in constant danger during the winter. And because of the low temperatures, it gets even easier for them to freeze and crack. Eventually, this can lead to leaking.

Danger: Because of the cold, there is a high possibility for one or more of your pipes to break. This problem can start with a mild leak, which could later result in a full-blown flood.

How to avoid disaster: Book a professional plumber at least once a year to inspect the pipes in your property. If the problem is caught in time, you can easily fix your drainage system during the summer and won’t have to worry about anything on Christmas.

Well, except for…

Power Outages

Imagine having a good time. Chatting with your family about something cheerful while making the Christmas dinner. Then, the whole neighbourhood goes dark due to a power outage. No light, no warmth, no dinner – no fun.

Danger: Since most people spend Christmas at home, you might be having the whole neighbourhood using every electrical appliance at once. This can overload the power supply and cause a power outage.

How to avoid disaster: Try to use only one or two appliances at a time. Sometimes, just a single unused socket could be the difference between a nice family dinner and a spooky-story-telling episode around a flashlight.

The Fantastic Handyman team is always ready to aid you in the repair and renovation of your property, so you can fully enjoy the Christmas holidays without any disturbances.

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