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  • Safe and tidy cords and cables trunking/chasing
  • All work is carried out by experienced and insured tradesmen
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Your TV wall installation in London is a matter of 4 short steps:

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    Share with us some details about the TV and where you need it mounted.
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    Schedule your appointment and we will send experienced and insured TV mounting experts to do the job.
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    Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!
    Your Fantastic TV installer can hide all cables helping you achieve the ultimate cinematic experience.
TV wall mounting expert while working in a London property

Get your TV wall mounted securely by an expert

Struggling with the hassle of mounting your TV yourself or dealing with unsightly cables? Our TV mounting service in London offers a seamless solution with secure, professional installation, ensuring optimal viewing angles and a clean, clutter-free setup. Enjoy peace of mind with our experienced, insured technicians who handle everything from start to finish, giving you a flawless home entertainment experience without the stress. Choose Fantastic Handyman for a reliable and efficient TV mounting service in London that addresses all your needs.

1. First, the handyman will check if the wall can support the TV and bracket. Solid walls are ideal, but plasterboard can be reinforced if needed. Then, he will ensure power and aerial sockets are within 1 meter of the mounting location.

2. With all that being done the TV installer will proceed with the installation. Each specialist is well-equipped with all the required tools to do the job safely and securely.

3. No one enjoys the mess of visible cables running along their wall-mounted TV and audio. The London handyman can hide them using metal conduit or plastic trunking. For solid brick or concrete walls, a chase can be cut and then covered with a layer of skim plaster before painting. To minimise the amount of dust and debris, the TV mounting specialists always use protective sheets. Our TV wall mounting service offers professional and reliable help for your home.

Trusted local handymen who can work with a variety of TVs and materials:

Trust our TV wall mounting service in London to transform your viewing experience with ease and precision.

  • All sizes: small (under 42”), medium (from 42” to 64”) and big (above 64”);
  • Types of TVs: LCD, Plasma, 3D, LED, Smart TV, HDTV, Home Cinema;
  • Brands: Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Philips, Sharp, Panasonic and more;
  • Types of TV brackets: multi-positional, tilting, flat-to-wall;
  • Types of walls: brick, stud, plasterboard, masonry, concrete and partition walls.

Book handymen for TV mounting and cable trunking & chasing

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TV sizeNumber of handymenService timeStandard price
Less than 42” mounted to a solid wall1 handyman~1 hour£78 per hour
Less than 42” mounted to a plasterboard wall1 handyman~ 1 hour£78 per hour
42” or more mounted to a solid wall2 handymen~1 hour£158 per hour
42” or more mounted to a plasterboard wall2 handymen~1 hour**£158 per hour

*Customer should provide the TV and TV mounting bracket prior to the service. The wall must be solid/sturdy, allowing the handymen to mount the TV without any additional reinforcement. Power and aerial sockets must be within 1 meter range of the mounting location. We do not provide TV and aerial service settings.

- To give you a fixed price, we need to know the size of your TV and the type of wall it will be mounted to.

For plasterboard walls, first we inspect the wall to see if it can hold a TV. The wall can be reinforced with wood and then the TV is mounted on the wood.

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Why choose Fantastic Handyman to mount your TV

2000+ TVs mounted a year

With over 10 years of experience and 80% positive reviews, we have been the preferred choice of many satisfied clients. Each TV mounting experts hold public liability insurance, so you can rest assured your possession is in the safe hands of a well-trained and background-checked handyman.

Fully equipped TV wall mount installers

You don't have to worry about the equipment required for the job. Each London handyman is fully prepared with the right tools and materials to mount your TV to any wall. Just be sure to have the chosen TV bracket on the day of the appointment. With our TV mounting service in London, you can enjoy a neat and secure setup for your television.

Same and next-day availability

We completely understand how frustrating could be to get your new TV but to wait before you can start enjoying it. Our flexible work schedule and teams of experienced local handymen give us the ability to offer same and next-day appointments.

Transparent pricing

You pay only for the actual time of the service. The minimum time per appointment is 1 hour then we charge on a half-hour basis.

Instant quote and easy booking

You can check the price and book your appointment for less than a minute by using our booking form or calling us. By using our GoFantastic App or registering in the site you can see the location of your handyman 30 minutes before he arrives at your address, you can contact him or leave him a note.

Full coverage

We provide TV mounting services all across London and outside the capital. You can easily check the availability in your area. Contact us today, and we will send a local tradesperson to take care of your needs.

Extended warranty

We offer an extended warranty for a period of 1 year after the service completion. The guarantee is valid in case of any issues that may arise from regular use, including the bracket dropping, needing readjustment, or additional leveling. The warranty also covers additional levelling requirements resulting from the weight of the TV, causing the bracket to lean downward over time.

Get lower rates with the Fantastic Club

You can get the TV wall mounting service with a discount. Join the Fantastic Club and take advantage of all the amazing benefits available for members. You get discounted rates for our entire range of services, special seasonal deals and priority booking for the most requested time slots of the week.

How high to mount your TV

What's the right viewing distance according to the size of your TV

TV sizesViewing distanceMount high (floor to TV center)Screen height (top to TV bottom)Mounting height (from floor to TV bottom)

Hassle-free TV mounting service in London

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need to supply you with TV wall brackets?

A: Yes, you should. In most cases, the TV bracket is not included with your TV that's why it's essential to choose a compatible model with your new TV. Occasionally, we can provide the TV bracket for you if we know the exact make and model in order to avoid any complications. Keep in mind that their price will be added to your total TV wall installation cost later.

Q: How much does it cost to wall mount a TV?

A: The price to have your TV mounted may vary from £78 to £158 depending on the size of the TV and the additional work that has to be done. The TV mounting prices are hourly based, so you pay for the actual time the service took.

Q: Do I have to do anything prior to my handyman appointment?

A: Please check if the TV (and its stand, if you have one) can easily fit inside the desired spot in your room. A few other pre-service requirements can include:

  • Checking if there are enough electrical sockets and if they are within reach;
  • Checking the type of wall where the TV will be mounted on;
  • Ensuring that you have all the accessories you need (cables, brackets etc.);
  • Having somebody else meet the professionals for you in case you are away.
Q: Where should my TV be wall mounted?

A: If you’re unsure of where to place your TV, your television installer will gladly assist you with finding the optimal spot. There are 3 things to keep in mind here: the power outlet’s accessibility, the location of wall studs (used to properly support the weight) and the place where you want to sit while watching a movie. Also, a tilting or swivel TV mount may be just the thing you need if you want better control over adjusting the view.

Q: Are my walls suitable for wall mounting a TV?

A: Robust walls made of brick or concrete are just fine for your TV installation service. However, walls made of plasterboard or lath are not optimal for a TV wall installation as they may not be able to carry the weight. That is why your handyman will always inspect your walls first before performing the service. If you have plasterboard walls, the expert can reinforce them with wooden panels before mounting the TV on top.

Q: Can you mount different types of brackets on my wall?

A: Just say the word and the experts will arrive with the right tools to mount your TV and safely conceal any stray wires to ensure your hazard-free, thriller-packed evening. The diligent specialists can install products by virtually any wall bracket manufacturer, namely: Sansum, Omnimount, Duronic, Vogel's, Ultimate mounts, Ross, VonHaus, Peerless, AVF, One for all, Proper, Sandstorm, Lumi, Meos and many more.

Q: Can you hide the cables?

A: Yes, absolutely. If you want to hide the cables in a brick wall or plasterboard, then we can chase them into the wall. Cable concealing is another way to get a tidy look. By installing plastic trunking, the specialists can hide the wires so they will be protected.

Q: Can you build a TV cabinet?

A: Besides the TV wall mounting service, we can make a custom TV unit in the size and paint of your preference. Or, the handymen can assemble any type of flat pack furniture that meets your aesthetic demands, securely and in no time. So, it’s easy and fast to get the TV cabinet you wished for.

Q: Can drywall anchors hold a TV?

A: Drywall anchors are stable and secure when installed properly. If the recommended drywall anchors' weight limit is not exceeded they can securely hold your new TV.

Q: Is it safe to mount a TV above a fireplace?

A: Yes, you can have your TV mounted above the fireplace. The professional will use the appropriate anchors and power tools to ensure the installation will go as planned and will give you advice for the right placement of the TV to avoid any heat damage.

Q: How high should I mount my TV on the wall?

A: The ideal TV height varies depending on the seated position and eye level. When seated comfortably, the TV screen's centre should be at or slightly below eye level.

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