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Picture hanging service in London homes

Expert picture hanging service in London for flawless wall displays

Hanging pictures, mirrors, or other wall art is the simplest way to transform any home or commercial property. To do it right, you don't need just a hammer and nails but the right tools and know-how. Don't leave your pictures and mirrors hanging needs for tomorrow, when you can call Fantastic Handyman and book your appointment within a few minutes.

Have you just moved into a new property and want to turn it into a home? Adding your favourite pictures or pieces of art is the easiest way to do so. Are you having difficulty hanging a picture? Unfortunately, many people don't possess the know-how and the right equipment to hang artwork or create a gallery wall. If hung incorrectly, even the most avant-garde piece of art can make your room looks unsatisfying.

That's where London picture hanging experts come in! The Fantastic Handyman's experts have well-stocked toolboxes and the experience required to turn your wall space into something truly remarkable, sure to impress any guests, visitors, or clients. When you trust us with the job, you can rest assured that your art or family photos will be hung professionally with proper hooks for optimal results. What's more, this eliminates any potential DIY disasters!

Here's what the professionals can install for you:

  • Hanging single picture or pictures of various sizes and types, including framed artwork, canvas prints, photographs, photos, and posters;
  • Arranging and hanging various large, heavy and/or valuable pieces;
  • Hanging work in complicated configurations on staircases, landings or high walls;
  • Professionally installing artworks such as paintings, sculptures, and mixed media pieces;
  • Gallery wall design and installation services, where we can assist you in arranging and hanging multiple artworks in a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing manner;
  • Framed murals and maps;
  • Glass-framed etchings and prints;
  • Wall relief art and panels;
  • Noticeboards and whiteboards;
  • Projector screens & presentation equipment.

Book a handyman and pay only for the time spent

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AppointmentsMonday – FridaySaturdaySunday
8:00 – 18:00Before/After Working Hours8:00 – 18:00Before/After Working Hours8:00 – 18:00
First Half Hour£43£48£43£51£51
Subsequent Half Hours£36£40£36£44£44
Half Day (4 hours)£256£256
Full Day (8 hours)£456

Booked 3 hours, but the job took 2? No worries, you only pay for the actual time the service took.

*The minimum time per appointment is 1 hour. After the first hour, we will charge on a half-hour basis. Prices are inclusive of all taxes.

**A stand-alone survey fee of £49 is only applicable in cases where we arrive and are unable to carry out the work.

***We charge an hourly rate of £49 shopping time for the delivery of all necessary supplies & materials upon your request. Materials costs and “shopping time” rate will be added separately on the top of your service bill.

T&C and Minimum Charges apply. When we calculate the price, we also take into consideration the area’s dimensions and the time of the appointment. All prices and deals are valid for areas within M25. Deals cannot be combined with any other deals and promotions. Prices are subject to availability. Congestion charges are excluded (when applicable).

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  • Domestic cleaning at £18/h
  • On-time arrival guarantee
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Discover the artistry of mirror hanging for transforming your spaces

A wall mirror is a great way to enhance the home interior, plus it will multiply the light in the room. However, to ensure that your mirror is installed safely and securely, it's best to have a professional mirror fitter handle the job. That way, you won't have to worry about any mishaps or, even worse, an injury due to attempting DIY installation yourself.

You can schedule your mirror hanging appointment with us, and on that day, you'll be expecting a highly qualified mirror hanging expert with all of the proper tools and fasteners to do the job securely. Whether it's a solid wall or a plasterboard wall, the London-based mirror fitters will find the right solution. They pay attention to each detail to ensure that no damage is caused and that the work is tailored to meet your requirements. Here's a short example of the most common types of mirrors we can hang:

  • Securely mounting large and heavy mirrors on walls;
  • Pivot/tilting bathroom mirrors hanging
  • Wall mirrors
  • Leaning floor mirrors
  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrors
  • Illuminated mirrors
  • Framed and frameless mirrors
  • Antique or vintage mirror

It is important to be aware that, depending on the item's size and weight, two handymen should be required to complete the task.

Handyman hanging heavy mirror in a London property
Fantastic handyman - van and equipment

Why count on the mirror and picture fitters at Fantastic Handyman

Fully equipped picture and mirror hanging experts near you

Regardless of the shape, size and weight of your wall art, the polite, fast and skilled picture hanging experts will come to your property equipped with a wide assortment of tools and materials to complete any task safely, so don't waste your time wandering what fittings to buy, when you can hire a reliable handyman for less than a minute.

Insured and qualified professionals

Each handyman we work with is carefully selected in person and carries public liability insurance for your extra piece of mind.

Transparent pricing

Our pricing is based on the actual time our handyman spends completing the job, ensuring complete transparency. The minimum time for an appointment is 1 hour, and any additional time is charged on a half-hour basis. Note that these charges solely cover labour and do not include additional materials or other expenses, such as congestion and parking fees (unless a parking permit is provided for the duration of the visit).

All week-round availability

We know that your busy week can hardly include home maintenance tasks; that's why you can schedule your appointment for the weekend, even if it's a public holiday. After-work hours are also possible, and you can check our real-time availability by using our booking form or GoFantastic mobile app. By choosing this option, you can track your track the location of your handyman 30 minutes before the service, directly contact him or leave him a note.

Local experts at your disposal

Check the prices and availability in your area and book a local handyman. We serve clients within the London M25 zone and across the South East of England.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can you hang big pictures and mirrors?

A: Absolutely! However, if the item is really heavy, then it would be best to warn us in advance. We will send a second handyman to help out.

Q: Can you repair a mirror or picture frame crack?

A: Unfortunately, we can't repair cracks in mirrors or picture frames, but we will gladly help you hang your new mirror or piece of art.

Q: What if my mirror or picture doesn't arrive with stock brackets or other hardware I can attach to my wall?

A: Usually, brand-new pictures and mirrors include a set of hangers or hanging wires specifically designed to withstand the weight of the item. If that's not the case, just inform us, and we'll supply everything. We'll choose and install proper hardware that will easily bear the weight of your bathroom or kitchen wall décor.

Q: Do I have to provide tools or instruments?

A: No, your fantastic tradesman will bring everything necessary from the wide range of minor and general fix-ups, renovations, home maintenance, repairs and other handyman services and odd jobs.

Q: Are my walls suitable for my chosen decoration?

A: No, your Fantastic handyman will bring everything necessary to complete the job, so you don't have to worry about tools, ladders or fittings.

Q: How much time does a job take?

  • Placement of a small mirror or picture (25cm x 25cm) takes about 5 minutes;
  • Placement of a medium mirror or picture (up to 1m x 1m) takes about 15 minutes;
  • Placement of a big mirror or picture (more than 1m x 1m) takes about 20 to 30 minutes;
  • If your mirror or picture weighs more than expected, please let us know. We can always send two professionals to get the job done.
Q: How much does it cost to hang a picture?

А: On average, you can have two pictures or mirrors fitted on the wall for only £79. The service is hourly based, and the minimum time per appointment is 1 hour. The number of pictures or mirrors fitted for that time may vary due to the size and complexity of the job.

Q: Will plasterboard hold a heavy mirror?

A: Yes, you can hang a heavy mirror on a plasterboard, but it requires proper wall fixings. The skilled handyman we will send to your property will be well equipped to hang the mirror in a safe and secure way.

Q: Can you mount a TV on my plasterboard?

A: Mounting a TV on a plasterboard is something we do quite often. The professionals can reinforce the plasterboard and use the right fittings to mount your TV safely.

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