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AppointmentsMonday – Saturday
8 am – 6 pm
Washer dryer£102.00*
Electric dryer£99.00*
Gas dryer£114.00*

* All prices are fixed and include the diagnostics, repairwork and the installation and supply of common parts provided by the technician. However, sometimes additional parts will need to be ordered. There are no part delivery, supply, or installation fees. Prices are inclusive of VAT. Flat labour cost. Detergents are on top. The services are not charged by the hour. No call-out fee.

- You will receive a written report upon service's completion. If parts need to be ordered, you will receive a price quote for the order and a second visit will be arranged. The second visit will only include the cost of the ordered parts.

If you wish to cancel your appointment, please inform us no later than 48h before the start of the service.

Tumble dryer repair expert while working a London property

Get fast and reliable tumble dryer repairs near you

Do you have a faulty tumble dryer that isn't drying your clothes properly or making strange noises? Don't worry. The experienced tumble dryer repair technicians are here to help.

We know how frustrating it is to deal with a tumble dryer breakdown and calculate the potential replacement price. Here at Fantastic Handyman, we want to help you save money and time by attempting to repair your appliance before buying a new one. We aim to keep your tumble dryer in action for as long as possible.

The specialist who will visit your property has all the tools to perform thorough diagnostics, identify the problem, and repair your tumble dryer cost-efficiently. They are well stocked with common spare parts, so they will do their best to resolve the issue within a single visit. So whether the heating element needs replacement or you see an error code on the display, they will find a way to fix it. Here are some of the malfunctions the tumble dryer repair expert often repairs.

  • The tumble dryer is not heating up;
  • The tumble dryer is not spinning;
  • The tumble dryer is making strange noises;
  • The tumble dryer takes a long time to dry clothes;
  • The tumble dryer is tripping the electricity;
  • The tumble dryer is leaking;
  • The tumble dryer has a bad smell;
  • Clothes are not drying, but the drum and timer both turn;
  • The clothes dry slowly;
  • The clothes overheat or burn;
  • The clothes are tangled or creased;
  • The tumble dryer door is not closing.

Why entrust your tumble dryer repair needs to us

Same and next-day availability

We can guarantee same and next-day availability by working with a local tumble dryer repair specialist. We know that you need your appliance back in working order as soon as possible, and we will do our best to deliver quick and quality tumble dryer repair service.

Guaranteed results

For your peace of mind, the tumble dryer repair service comes with a 1-year guarantee that includes the parts and the labour.

Using high-quality spare parts

To complete the service, the specialists can supply spare parts directly from the manufacturers. This means that newly replaced parts will last much longer since they are designed with your model in mind.

Repair of any make and model

The skilled professionals we work with can repair tumble dryers of all makes and models, including Beko, Daewoo, Whirlpool, LG and many more. Whether you have an old or relatively new tumble dryer, the professionals will inspect it and advise you on your options.

Fixed price repairs

Your tumble dryer repair will cost a fixed sum of money, which includes the pre-service diagnostics and the supply and installation of all common spare parts.

Certified and insured professionals

All tumble dryer repair specialists are insured and City & Guilds certified to repair all brands' old and new tumble dryers. The years of experience and the constant training and qualifications they get are the factors that guarantee the quality of service you will get.

Complete solutions

Besides the quality tumble dryer repairs we offer, the skilled technicians can assist you with a wide range of services, including dishwasher repairs, washing machine repairs, cooker and oven repairs or fridge and freezer repairs. Also, if you need an appliance disposal, don't hesitate to ask us about this option. To save you time and money, we offer appliance repair services and quality appliance installations.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: How quickly can you come?

A: Same and next-day appointments are available, so enter your postcode in the booking form and check the real-time availability of the repair experts. You can also call us, and the friendly representative will help you book your service.

Q: Do you bring all the necessary equipment?

A: Yes, the professional carries all repair essentials. Sometimes, however, some specific tumble dryer parts may need to be ordered, after which the technician will arrive for a second visit to install them. You will not be charged for any part's supply, delivery, and installation.

Q: I'm living in the M25 area. Will you be able to come?

A: Absolutely! The specialists cover most of the M25 area in London, except the DA 1-18, RH 1-20, RM 1-20, SL 0-9 and TN 1-40 postcodes.

Q: How long does it take to repair a tumble dryer?

A: Minor issues will be fixed in about 1 or 2 hours. However, the expert may stay longer, depending on how badly damaged the tumble dryer is and on the part that needs replacing.

Q: Is it worth it to repair my tumble dryer?

A: As the repair cost could be 1/3 of the cost of a new tumble dryer, we always recommend repairing rather than replacing the appliance. The technician will investigate the issue and provide professional advice on your options.

Q: How do you know it's time to replace a tumble dryer?

A: If the clothes are not drying properly, strange noises are coming from the machine, the appliance is over ten years old, or you must constantly call a repair engineer.

Q: What if the dryer engineer can’t fix the problem?

A: If the dryer fixer can resolve the issue you will only pay the diagnostics fee. As all appliance repair engineers are experienced, this is not a common situation except if the appliance is too old and the replacement parts are no longer available.

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Expert tumble dryer repairs in London done in 4 steps

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    Boo online
    Schedule and book your tumble dryer repair session online.
  • 2.
    Meet the expert
    A qualified specialist will arrive to diagnose the fault correctly.
  • 3.
    Get the job done
    He will bring his equipment and common spare parts for the repairs.
  • 4.
    Enjoy the results
    Your appliance will be tested to check for proper operation.

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