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  • Broad selection of shed designs and compositions on offer
  • We can handle the disposal of your previous shed if required
  • Your preferred shed can be delivered at your convenience
  • Comprehensive shed repairs (roof included)
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How to arrange your shed installation service

  • 1.
    Selection & inquiry
    Choose your desired shed model in-store and ring us to arrange a closer look.
  • 2.
    On-site consultation
    Share your vision with the surveyor during the on-location discussion.
  • 3.
    Quote & scheduling
    After our chat, await your tailored quote and book a convenient assembly slot.
  • 4.
    Delivery & installation
    Trust the team to deliver and meticulously set up your chosen shed.

What to expect from our shed installation and assembly service

Clearing & prepping – The service will start by meticulously preparing the site for your new shed. Any old structures can be dismantled and cleared by the Fantastic Handyman's skilled handyman in London, but please ensure to clear the space from personal items.

Base foundation – Next, we ensure sturdy ground for your shed. The designated zone is compacted, and a base tailored to your chosen shed type is set. If there's an existing base, our team will assess its suitability during their on-site visit.

Assembly – The last step is where your dream takes form. Our experienced technicians bring your chosen shed to life, seamlessly attaching it to its base, ensuring a long-lasting addition to your garden.

Finishing touches – Desire a specific hue or finish for your shed. Whether you're thinking of a paint job, a stain, or an oil treatment, we're equipped to perfect its look to your exacting standards.

Expert shed repairs near you

Suppose your shed is showing signs of wear, like rotting parts, shattered windows, or a compromised roof, fret not. Instead of committing to a brand new structure, let the expert team breathe new life into your existing one. Here's a snapshot of our shed repair prowess:

Roof restoration: Whether it's felt roofing or another method, we have the skills to ensure a watertight canopy over your belongings.

Board & plank replacement: Any decaying boards or planks meet their match with our quality replacements.

Window mends: Be it a shattered pane or a deteriorating frame, we'll set it right.

Shed makeover: Dream of repurposing your shed into a cosy hobby den? Or perhaps you just wish to rejuvenate its facade with a fresh coat of paint or stain. We're on it.

Decorative enhancements: Elevate your shed's charm with additions like hanging baskets or other ornamental accents, be it on a new or a cherished older shed.

Why choose our garden shed installation and repair service

Experienced craftsmanship

Rest easy knowing that your shed's assembly is in the hands of insured professionals. With a wealth of experience under their belts, they blend skill with artistry, ensuring a seamless shed installation for your London home.

Hassle-free material handling

Bypass the stresses of logistics. We've got you covered by procuring and delivering all necessary materials directly to your doorstep. And if you've set your heart on a specific shed model? Just request, and it'll be on its way.

Full coverage

If you live anywhere within the London M25 zone, we will send a skilled handyman near you to complete the service.

Flexible availability

Life in London is bustling, and we get it. That's why our services adapt to your rhythm, available every day – be it weekdays, weekends, or even those precious bank holidays.

All week availability

We understand the unpredictable nature of schedules, especially in a city that never sleeps. No matter the day, be it a regular weekday or a bank holiday, the team stands ready to assist in bringing your shed dreams to life.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: I'm concerned about the uneven ground where I'd like my shed. What's the solution?

A: Inform us about your shed selection - be it plastic, wooden, or metal. The experts will then guide you on the best-suited flooring solution tailored to your situation.

Q: My dated wooden shed needs removal. How do I go about it?

A: Leave it to the proficient team. Depending on the shed's complexity, removal typically spans an hour or two.

Q: Is annual upkeep necessary for my shed?

A: Indeed, it's beneficial to maintain your shed annually. This consistent care not only elongates the wood's life but also wards off rot. And if you're ever in need, remember we're just a call away to assist.

Q: What's the price tag attached to shed construction?

A: Shed installation costs vary, pivoting on factors like size, material choice, need for a new base, potential demolition of an old shed, and more. Rest assured, after our thorough site assessment, we'll provide you with a comprehensive estimate.

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