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What you get with our gas boiler installation service in London

If you're considering a gas boiler installation, you've come to the right place. The Fantastic Handyman experts install hundreds of gas boilers every year and follow strict procedures.

  • A Gas Safe certified engineer will conduct a survey at your home;
  • The heating engineer will advise you on the most suitable type and model for your specific needs;
  • You will get a personalised, no obligation, fixed-price quote;
  • We can purchase, deliver and install your new gas boiler, including combi boilers, system boilers, and conventional boilers;
  • Even though we are accredited boiler installers and suppliers of Worcester Bosch and Valliant boilers, the skilled heating engineers can install boilers of any brand and type;
  • Upon completion of the service, you will receive a signed Benchmark Log as evidence of the technician's work.
  • Disposal of your old boiler can be arranged; Adding new thermostat or radiators;
  • You can benefit from up to 12 years of manufacturer's guarantee and a 1-year workmanship guarantee.

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Daily Rate£586

Minimum appointment time: 1 hour. After the first hour, we will charge on a half-hour basis. Prices are inclusive of all taxes.

T&Cs and Minimum Charges apply. When we calculate the price, we also take into consideration the area’s dimensions and the time of the appointment. All prices and deals are valid for areas within M25. Deals cannot be combined with any other deals and promotions. Prices are subject to availability. Congestion charges are excluded (when applicable).

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Quality boiler installation in London by trusted experts

Boiler installation by Gas Safe Registered engineers

Having a boiler that doesn't meet your daily needs or the repair costs are constantly rising are clear signs that it's time to replace it. Often, replacing your boiler is a much more cost-effective option than paying for continuous repairs. The Gas Safe certified professionals we work with complete numerous boiler installations every year, so you can be sure they have seen various scenarios and will do the job efficiently and professionally, following all regulations.

Note: Saving money by hiring people without the right qualifications may invalidate your house insurance and the boiler guarantee and put your life in danger!

Worcester Bosch and Vaillant accredited professionals

We are Worcester Bosch and Vaillant-accredited boiler suppliers and installers, so you can be sure your new boiler will be fitted according to the manufacturer's instructions. Also, they can install boilers of all types regardless of the boiler brand.

New boiler with a 12-months labour guarantee

We pride ourselves on each gas boiler installer's high level of expertise so that you can get your boiler installation service with a 12-months workmanship guarantee.

London boiler replacement service in progress

Expert boiler fitting of all types and brands

Whether you wish to improve the efficiency of your current central heating system, increase the amount of annual savings or lower your CO2 footprint, installing a new boiler requires a lot of research.

The most popular type of boiler in the UK is the condensing boiler. This boiler type contains three main groups - combi boilers, regular boilers and system boilers.

Combi boilers

Combination boilers are one of the most popular boiler choices in the UK, thanks to their space-saving features. You don't need a cold water tank or hot water storage cylinder with a combi boiler because it heats water directly from the mains. This benefit makes them ideal for smaller properties. They can be run on different fuels, including:

Gas combi boilers - They are a budget-friendly option for homes connected to the gas grid.

Oil combi boilers - Oil combi boilers are a suitable and energy-efficient option for homes without a gas connection.

LPG combi boilers - They provide equivalent efficiency to gas-powered heating systems but require a separate oil tank to be installed.

Electric combi boilers - These boilers reach 99-100% energy efficiency. They don't waste energy and have zero CO2 emissions.

Regular Boilers

A regular boiler (also known as a conventional boiler or heat-only boiler) is ideal if the home already has a traditional hot water and heating system connected to a separate hot water cylinder. The boiler also requires a tank to store cold water, which feeds the hot water cylinder, and a tank to keep the central heating system's water level constant.

System boilers

A system boiler requires a hot water cylinder for storage. However, the essential components of the system boiler are built into the boiler itself, saving time and effort during installation. They can supply hot water to an unlimited number of taps.

Important - Although the UK's Heat and Buildings Strategy is setting up the actions required to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050, there are steps to be taken before that time comes. After 2025, gas boilers will no longer be installed in new homes but can still be installed/replaced in existing homes until 2035.

Despite the fact that domestic heating fuels contain gas, LPG, oil, biomass, electricity, and hydrogen, you should know that the next step affects fossil fuels. Fossil fuel heating installations will be phased out from 2026 in off-gas-grid homes, all remaining off-gas-grid non-domestic buildings, and from 2024 in off-gas-grid non-domestic buildings.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How much does a new boiler installation cost?

A: We completely understand that a new boiler is a significant investment; that's why we offer customised fixed-price quotes so you can be sure that no hidden fees will arise. We will conduct an on-site survey, and within 24 hours, you will get a "No Obligation" quote.

Q: What is your area coverage?

A: The service is available anywhere within the M25 London zone.

Q: How quickly can you come?

A: Same-day visits are subject to availability, and we will do our best to arrange your survey for the same day.

Q: Can you install a new thermostat or radiator within the same visit?

Yes, sure. Just specify your needs so that the heating professional will come fully prepared. Also, combining two jobs will save you time, money, and the hassle of draining your entire system if you decide to install new radiators later.

Q: Is there any guarantee that comes with my new boiler?

A: All new boilers we install come with a full manufacturer's guarantee that can be extended when the licensed installer registers the new boiler with Gas Safe and the manufacturer.

Q: Is it required to power flush the entire heating system?

A: Manufacturers advise getting your system power flushed when a new boiler is installed because clogged-up radiators and piping can easily damage your newly fitted appliance. The engineers we send will determine the condition of your system and what kind of system cleaning is required.

Q: How long does it take to install a boiler?

A: You can expect a like-for-like swipe to take 4-6 hours, depending on the type of work. If you need the boiler moved, it may take one to two days. A boiler installation may take one to two days if it is done in a place that has never been installed. If the boiler type needs to be changed, it may take two to three days. If you need a different type of boiler installed at a new location, it may take three to four days to complete. Also, changing your boiler's fuel type may take two to three days.

Q: Do you provide any other boiler-related services?

A: Yes, we also do boiler power flushing which is a great service in case you spot cold zones on your radiators, the system is not effective or your boiler does weird kettle noises.

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