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Central heating powerflushing

What to expect from your power flush radiator service


Before initiating the power flushing procedure, a preliminary inspection is conducted. This determines the extent of blockages, rust, sludge, and any anomalies within the central heating system.

Chemical introduction

At this stage, specialised chemical agents are infused into the heating system. These chemicals are formulated to effectively dissolve rust, sludge, and scale deposits that may have built up over time. Their main function is to loosen and mobilise the unwanted elements.

Dynamic heating system power flush

Using state-of-the-art equipment, the system is then flushed with water at a low pressure but at a high velocity. This ensures that the previously loosened rust, sludge, and other debris are completely removed from the boiler, pipes, and radiators.

Corrosion inhibition

Once the system is impeccably clean, the next vital step is the addition of a corrosion inhibitor. This compound is introduced to control oxidation and reduce future corrosion. It acts as a protective layer, safeguarding the pipes and radiators from rust and scale build-ups, ensuring longevity and efficiency.

System testing by a Gas Safe engineer

To certify the success of the power flushing process, a skilled heating engineer takes the lead. They will rigorously test the entire heating system to ensure uniform and effective heat distribution throughout the home. This step confirms that each room gets its desired warmth, and there are no cold spots left.

Final review

The process concludes with a comprehensive review, ensuring the entire system operates at its peak efficiency. This not only guarantees optimal heating but also certifies that the system is energy-efficient, reducing costs in the long run.

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Why choose our power flush heating system service

Certified expertise for peace of mind

When you choose our power flushing service, you're opting for the highest standards of professional competence. Our engineers are not just skilled tradespeople; they're Gas Safe Registered, NAPIT-accredited, and proud members of the CIPHE (Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers). These accreditations are not just badges; they're a testament to our unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and excellence.

Assured compliance and minimal disruption

Every job we undertake resonates with industry standards, ensuring that our service aligns seamlessly with BS7593 and Part L regulations. But while we ensure full compliance, we equally prioritise your comfort. With a clear focus on minimal disturbance, our professionals ensure that the sanctity of your home remains undisturbed, treating your space with the respect it deserves.

State-of-the-art equipment, no mess left behind

The Fantastic Handyman professionals arm themselves with industry-leading equipment, notably the Kamco power-flushing pumps, ensuring a job well done every time. Furthermore, our methods are refined to such precision that there's absolutely no need to remove the radiators. This means a hassle-free experience for you, with zero mess to clear up post-service.

Unparalleled accessibility and coverage

We understand the bustling life of Londoners, which is why our services are tailored to be as accessible as possible. We offer our expert power flushing services 7 days a week, with comprehensive coverage extending throughout the London M25 zone. Whenever you need us, wherever in London, we're just a call away.

More than just power flushing

Beyond power flushing, we're a one-stop solution for all your heating needs. From radiator repairs and installations to boiler repairs and replacements, we've got you covered. Need to add thermostatic radiator valves? We're on it. Are you looking for annual boiler check-ups or exploring central heating cover options? We cater to both homeowners and landlords, ensuring that every heating need is met with the same dedication and expertise.

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Frequently asked questions about our central heating power flush

Q: Should I opt for a power flush when getting a new boiler?

A: Absolutely. Power flushing is instrumental in enhancing the lifespan and efficacy of your heating setup. When you invest in a new boiler, it's advisable to power flush first. This ensures the longevity of your new appliance by safeguarding it from accumulated sludge and also upholds warranty conditions. Without this, lingering obstructions in radiators and pipes can jeopardise your new installation.

Q: What signs indicate the need for a power flush?

A: A few signs that might suggest your system needs a power flush include:

  • Radiators exhibit cold zones, especially at the base.
  • Persistent need to bleed radiators.
  • Audible disturbances from radiators or the boiler.
  • Leaky radiators.
  • Regular system breakdowns.
  • Erratic boiler activity.
  • Extended warming up time for central heating.
  • Uneven heating among radiators.
  • Radiator bleed revealing tainted water.
  • Hot pipes, yet cool radiators.
  • Rusty patches on radiators.
  • Distinct boiler noise, such as kettling or clanging.
Q: How frequently should I schedule a power flush service?

A: As a rule of thumb, we suggest power flushing your heating components - boiler, radiators, and pipes, every half-decade for optimal functioning. Older systems might necessitate more frequent flushes. However, during your yearly boiler check-up, our engineer will offer insights on whether a power flush is warranted.

Q: What's the typical duration for a power flush service?

A: The duration primarily hinges on your property's size and the system type. For instance, a combination boiler system in a 3-bedroom residence that's experiencing blockages would typically be addressed in under 4-5 hours, given the sealed nature of the system, eliminating the need to seal expansion pipework and cold feeds.

Q: Is power flushing all that important?

A: Certainly. Sludge, if not addressed, can circulate through your boiler and pump, impacting its overall efficiency and prematurely ageing its components. While power flushing effectively rids the system of blockages and rust, it's essential to remember that it won't rectify unrelated boiler issues. Always prioritise power flushing before contemplating boiler repairs or replacements.

Q: Can power flushing mitigate boiler noise?

A: It does, to an extent. However, it's worth noting that older models, where the cast iron heat exchanger has thinned due to corrosion, might still emit sounds even after flushing.

Q: What are the pivotal advantages of power flushing?


  • Enhanced heat output from radiators and silent boiler operation.
  • Diminished chances of malfunction.
  • Reduction in energy expenses.
  • Amplified efficiency of your central heating.
  • Uniform heat distribution across radiators.
Q: What's the cost of a powerflush service?

A: Powerflush service pricing is influenced by the scale of your heating system and the intricacies involved. While it may seem like a significant outlay initially, the augmented system efficiency and potential prevention of costly future repairs make it a sound investment.

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