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Wood floor installation in a London property

What to expect from your parquet floor fitting

For easy reference, here are the types of wooden floors that we can install for you:

  • Softwood flooring
  • Hardwood floor
  • Engineered floor
  • Parquet flooring
  • Laminate floor

Step 1: Subfloor Preparation

Before we even think about laying your new wood floor, we ensure the surface beneath is perfectly prepped. This isn’t just a quick sweep with a broom – it’s a meticulous examination for any imperfections that could impact your flooring later on. We level out any inconsistencies, remove debris, and make sure the subfloor is dry. This guarantees a solid foundation that not only ensures the longevity of your wooden floor but also brings out its full aesthetic potential.

Step 2: Underlay Installation

At Fantastic Handyman, we don’t cut corners. Our chosen underlay provides an array of benefits – it acts as a sound and thermal insulator, creates a cushioned feel underfoot, and offers added moisture protection. With this step, we’re ensuring a wood floor that's comfortable, durable, and whisper-quiet.

Step 3: Floor Fitting

There are 3 main options when it comes floor fitting, depending on the type of wood floor:

  • Floating – This is the top-choice method when embedding laminate or engineered wood surfaces. Occasionally, this method might also be chosen for parquet installations. An underlayer is positioned beneath the floor panels or laminate sections, which are then firmly connected atop.
  • Nail down/staple down – This method is predominantly chosen for solid wood surface placements and, on rare occasions, for engineered wood floorings.
  • Glue down – This technique is occasionally employed by specialists fitting engineered wood (when no underlayer is present). It's also a popular choice for parquet, softwood, or hardwood floor embedding.

Step 4: Wood Floor Sanding

Even the finest woods have minute imperfections, and that’s where our sanding expertise comes into play. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we sand the floor to a perfectly smooth finish, removing any slight bumps or unevenness. This not only gives the wood a polished look but also prepares it for the final finishing touches.

Step 5: Staining and Sealing

Depending on your personal preference and the type of wood, we can apply staining to enhance the natural colour. Next, we seal the wood to protect it from wear, moisture, and spills. Finally, a finishing touch of polish gives it a luxurious sheen.

Why choose our parquet flooring fitters

Top-Tier Materials for an Elegant Finish

We pride ourselves on using the crème de la crème of flooring materials. By resorting to industry-leading brands such as Elka, Kahrs, Lifestyle, Boen, QuickStep, and Balterio, we ensure that every floor we install isn’t just functional but a statement of luxury and elegance.

Certified Excellence Every Time

Quality assurance is our forte. Every professional in the team is not only Bona-certified but also proudly accredited by the Wood Flooring Association. With such recognition, rest assured your floor installation is in the hands of recognised experts in the field.

All-in-One Flooring Solution

Our comprehensive service is designed to cater to every possible need. Whether it's floor and stair sanding, repair and restoration, gap filling, buffing, or polishing, we have got it covered. Refinishing, recoating, re-oiling, or wood floor scratch repair – you name it, we do it. Our friendly representatives are always available to guide you through our extensive offerings.

Meticulous Craftsmanship, Every Step of the Way

Experience counts, and ours is extensive. The professionals not only excel in installing new wood floors but also in replacements. Whether it's a damaged area or a single floorboard, the team ensures seamless integration with precision.

Unparalleled Convenience & Expert Consultation

We're not just about floors; we're about making the process smooth for our clients. With a 7-day-a-week availability, flexible booking options, and coverage across London M25, convenience is guaranteed. And if you're in a dilemma about the right flooring choice, our professional consultation ensures you make an informed decision for your property.

Fantastic handyman - van and equipment

Frequently asked questions about our wooden flooring installation

Q: What's the duration required to install a wooden floor?

A: The time taken hinges on several aspects: the room's dimensions, the flooring choice, the technique employed, the prep work needed for the subfloor, the design intricacy of the flooring (like parquet designs), and the specific surface area in question (like stairs vs. regular rooms), among others.

Q: Is there any preparation needed from my side before the installation?

A: Kindly ensure the room is cleared of all furnishings. Also, it's crucial to let the flooring materials adjust to indoor room temperature for roughly a week. Observing these suggestions ensures a successful wood flooring outcome in any season. Do keep in mind that flooring experts always examine the moisture content of the subfloor.

Q: Is underlay mandatory for all wooden floor installations?

A: Not necessarily. Certain solid wood floor types are directly adhered to the subfloor. Yet, for floating floor variations, an underlay is often needed before proceeding.

Q: Can you assist in removing and discarding my old floor?

A: Certainly, such services can be pre-arranged. During your discussion with the floor installation expert, simply state the help you require, be it moving furniture, waste disposal pre or post-installation, and more.

Q: What's the typical lifespan of wooden floors?

A: Under usual conditions, a hardwood floor's finish can last anywhere from 7 to 10 years. Floors in high-footfall areas or those frequently exposed to sunlight might require refinishing more regularly. Adhering to proper care and maintenance is pivotal to retaining the wood floor's appeal and ensuring its longevity. Depending on the quality of the wood and installation, the longevity can range from a mere 20-30 years to an impressive 50-80+ years.

Q: After installation, how long should I refrain from walking on my new hardwood floor?

A: It's vital to allow the new finish adequate time to solidify and set. It's advised to wait at least 24 hours, though 48 hours would be optimal. Your floor installation experts will provide specific guidance on the wait duration.

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