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Wood floor repair service in a London property

What the experienced wood floor repair specialists can do for you

The damaged boards on your floor are making it look tired? The Fantastic Handyman's experts can provide quality wood floor repairs and restoration of solid wood flooring, laminate, hardwood floors or parquet flooring. Speaking of floor repair, let's take a look at what the reliable professionals can do for you:

Subfloor levelling

It's common for the subfloor surface to be uneven, which can lead to creaking, movement, or uneven areas on the wood floor. To avoid such problems, the experienced wood floor restoration specialist can level the surface by using a special compound.

Gap filling

The changing humidity levels can cause wood to expand and contract, resulting in gaps or cracks between floorboards. Repairing any damaged floorboards always contains the process of gap filling so you can enjoy smooth and even-looking wood floors.

Wood floor sanding

Floor sanding is a great way to remove the damaged top layer of your wooden floors, but be sure that the flooring specialists will examine the floor's condition and advice you if sanding, stripping, or buffing is required to bring back the smooth look of your wooden floors.

Wood floor re-oiling

Maintaining the beauty and radiance of natural wood floors requires annual re-oiling, especially for those that are not sealed. The wooden flooring experts will examine the current condition of your floor and apply the right product.

Wood floor sealing and refinishing

To complete our wood floor repair and restoration process, we apply oil, wax, or lacquer to seal and protect your floor. This step adds longevity to your wooden surface. Additionally, you can be sure that all products used are 100% eco-friendly and safe for everyone in your home.

Parquet floor repairs 

The wood floor specialist will examine the condition and choose the right repair or restoration method. First, any damaged parquet blocks will be repaired or replaced. If there are any gaps, they will be filled, too. Then if it's necessary, the expert may sand the floor. After this stage, they can apply a wood stain and change the wood's colour. The final stage of the parquet floor repair service is the refinishing. Depending on your preferences, they can apply a layer of hard-wearing lacquer finish, hard wax or natural oil.

Laminate floor repair 

No matter that the laminate floors are not made from real wood, they are prone to accidental damage. Fortunately, there is no need to worry about matching planks or disassembling the entire floor just to replace a single floorboard. Our innovative hard surface scratch repair service can save you lots of time and money, bringing exceptional results. The skilled repair specialists will carefully repair every single scratch, chip or stain on your laminate floor, so you will hardly find where the damage was.

Why choose our wood floor repairs near you

Experienced professional

Our wood flooring repairs are performed by well-trained, vetted and fully insured specialists with years of experience. From changing damaged boards and parquet blocks to full floor sanding, you can benefit from a wide range of wood floor services done to the highest standards. All specialists we rely on are Wood Flooring Association accreditation and Bona-certified.

FREE survey included

Bring back the good look of your wood floors by booking your FREE on-site survey. We will send experienced wood floor restoration and repair professionals to examine the current state of your wooden floors.

Personalised quote

Wood floor repairs should not be a stressful experience, so the service we offer is designed to take the stress out of your head. Based on your preference, you will get a quote.

 7 days a week availability

You can schedule your survey for the data and time that suits you best, as we are available 7 days a week, including bank and public holidays.

Finished wooden floor repair projects in London

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why should I hire a professional to fix the flooring for me?

A: If you tuck up your sleeves and do the wood floor repairs yourself, it's very easy to hammer the nails and tacks in all the wrong places, apply too much adhesive, or replace the floorboards incorrectly. In either case, you will restrict your flooring's movement, which will lead to all sorts of expensive problems in the future. A qualified specialist will know how to restore your flooring's appeal without any of these hassles.

Q: I recently dropped a bulky item on my hardwood floor. Will you be able to repair the damage?

A: You will be surprised to know that we do offer a hard surface repair service that is designed to repair a wide range of scratches, chips, and dents to surfaces like wood, laminate, ceramic, porcelain, stone and brickwork and many more. The knowledgeable London team will happily assist you with quality floor scratch repair. Even deeper scratches can be easily repaired.

Q: Should I hire laminate flooring repair if I have loose floorboards or uneven laminate?

A: Absolutely! However, if the damage is too severe, the flooring expert will have to replace the individual floorboard or the entire affected floorboard segment instead.

Q: Can you inspect my wooden floor for defects?

A: Yes, the diligent team can inspect all boards in your home or office to determine whether any of them are warped, uneven, or simply worn out. If some are damaged beyond repair, the friendly flooring professionals will replace them using reclaimed wood of the same age and quality wherever possible.

Q: What will my floor repair session include?

A: Depending on your flooring's current condition, your session may involve anything from wood floor, sanding, and gap filling to professional staining. The seasoned pros will work fast, follow all safety procedures, and keep your place clean.

Q: Will I need to provide the experts with any materials?

A: The wood floor restoration experts will bring all tools and materials required to complete the job. However, if your wooden flooring project requires special materials, you will need to purchase those upfront and prepare them for the experts' arrival. In case you cannot do this on your own or the items are hard to come by, the reliable specialists will readily supply them for you on the day of your appointment.

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