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Electrician rewiring light fixture, socket and fuse board in a London property

What does the local electrical rewiring include

Is your home, flat, or rental property stuck with an outdated electrical system? If your property hasn't undergone a full rewiring in the last 25-30 years, it's probably due for an upgrade. Updating your electrical systems ensures compliance with the latest safety standards and can significantly enhance the functionality of your property.

Our services cater to homeowners and landlords alike, whether it's a full-scale electrical overhaul or a partial rewiring that you need. Planning a major renovation? We've got you covered. Expanding your property with building additions? Count on us. Looking to make your loft area usable and properly lit? We're the team for the job.

What We Offer:

  1. Comprehensive assessment – We kick-off our process with a thorough evaluation of the work required. We will provide you with a full, clear quotation before we start, so there are no surprises down the line.
  2. Legal requirement check – We ensure your existing electrical system meets the necessary legal requirements. You can trust that our work adheres strictly to all legal guidelines.
  3. Professional Rewiring – The team of qualified electricians carry out the rewiring with utmost precision, performing a full electrical safety test on all wiring, guaranteeing the highest safety standards.
  4. Circuit and fuse board examination – They inspect the circuit and fuse board to ensure they're functioning optimally and in line with the latest regulations.
  5. Socket and power output assessment – We meticulously inspect all sockets and power outputs, ensuring they conform to current building regulations and meet your needs.
  6. Certification of rewiring – Lastly, we provide a rewiring certificate for electrical installation. This outlines all the work undertaken to make your property safe and compliant with modern electrical standards.

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First half hour£57£83£73£83
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Full Day (8 hours)£565

Booked 3 hours, but the job took 2? No worries, you only pay for the actual time the service took.

Minimum appointment time: 1 hour. After the first hour, we will charge on a half-hour basis. Prices are inclusive of all taxes.

Upon your request, the technician can source additional materials from the local store. We charge £52 per hour to supply them and the costs for the shopping time and materials will be added separately on top of the price.

T&Cs and Minimum Charges apply. When we calculate the price, we also take into consideration the area's dimensions and the time of the appointment. All prices and deals are valid for areas within M25. Deals cannot be combined with any other deals and promotions. Prices are subject to availability. Congestion charges are excluded (when applicable).

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What does electrical rewiring of a house involve

Electrical rewiring is a multifaceted process requiring expertise, precision, and an understanding of the complex interplay between components of a modern electrical system. Here's a closer look at the two vital stages of our meticulous rewiring service:

Stage 1: The First Fix


This is a disruptive phase, involving extensive preparation work. Floorboards are lifted, and ceilings are cut into to pave the way for new wiring routes. We strongly recommend that this stage is tackled before introducing any furniture or carpets.

Wire installation:

A network of new wires is installed throughout your property, extending from the floorboards up to the ceiling. These wires form the backbone of your revamped electrical system.

Safety measures:

The intricacies of this stage warrant the expertise of a licensed electrician due to potential safety hazards. Our team comprises of licensed professionals who execute this process with paramount safety.

Stage 2: The Second Fix


In this critical phase, we 'join up' or integrate the entire system, making it 'live'.

Installation of switches, sockets, and lights:

Front faces of sockets, switches, and lights are fitted at this stage. The wires installed during the first fix are carefully hidden under floors, through walls, and across ceilings.

Plaster adjustments:

We position new sockets and switches at legally correct heights, which might require chasing into the plaster.

Accommodation consideration:

The duration and intensity of this stage may require you to seek alternative accommodation or confine living activity to one room, ensuring unhindered rewiring across the rest of the property.

Our comprehensive rewiring services extend beyond the basic. We offer a range of enhancements, including installing, extending, and adapting all parts of your electrical systems, such as circuit breakers, circuit boards, earthing points, bonding to consumer services, fuse board upgrades, fire alarms, structured cabling, and transformers.

Signs that a house needs rewiring

A house without a recent wiring update in the past 25-30 years often calls for a rewiring job to meet modern safety standards. However, several additional signs indicate a property may need rewiring.

Persistent consumer unit issues:

Regular tripping of the consumer unit and frequent blowing of fuses or bulbs are red flags.

Disturbing noises:

Crackling or buzzing noises emitting from your electrical sockets could signal faulty wiring.

Outdated wiring materials:

Electrical wiring encased in black rubber, fabric, or lead indicates a long overdue upgrade.

Signs of overheating or burning:

Discolouration around plugs and sockets or a persistent burning smell may suggest a serious wiring issue.

Inconsistent lighting:

If lights flicker regularly or bulbs exhaust at an unusually fast rate, it may denote a deeper electrical problem.

Antiquated switches:

The presence of switches made from cast iron suggests an outdated electrical system.

Poorly documented consumer unit:

Lack of labelling on the consumer unit can indicate dated or improper electrical work.

Wooden-backed consumer unit:

A consumer unit with a wooden back is a clear sign of antiquated electrical infrastructure.

Damaged sockets:

Broken or cracked sockets necessitate immediate attention.

Outmoded sockets:

Sockets with rounded plug entries instead of modern 3-pin entries signify a need for an upgrade.

Insufficient sockets:

Modern households require multiple plug sockets in each room. Less than two per room is a sure sign your electrical system is outdated.

Overheating plugs:

Plugs that become excessively hot may indicate faulty or overloaded wiring.

Electrical rewiring near you that you can trust

High-quality workmanship

Fantastic Handyman takes pride in presenting top-notch electrical rewiring solutions, performed by the proficient electricians in London who are fortified with years of on-the-job experience. Certified and comprehensively insured, the experts bring the guarantee of supreme service quality, all tailored to your specific needs. In line with the highest electrical safety standards, your newly installed or upgraded wiring systems undergo thorough testing before we issue a certificate, assuring you of our unwavering commitment to your safety.

Diverse array of electrical services

Understanding that electrical upgrades extend beyond simple wire replacements, Fantastic Handyman offers a comprehensive suite of services encompassing new installations, replacements, and repairs. Moreover, the team includes certified PAT testers and EICR service providers, equipped to carry out necessary examinations and checks on all your electrical connections, fittings, and devices. In circumstances where immediate attention is required, we stand ready to dispatch an emergency electrician to your property, ensuring minimal downtime and disruption to your routine.

Considerate, mess-free rewiring

While the thought of a rewiring job causing disruption to your flooring, walls, and ceiling may naturally induce some concern, you can rest assured that any mess resulting from our work — be it chasing wires into walls or removing floorboards for cable access — will be meticulously handled and cleared by the team. We recommend clearing the space of furniture prior to the arrival, aiding in the swift execution of our tasks while preventing potential damage to your belongings.

Flexible scheduling for your convenience

We understand the value of your time, which is why the team of certified local professionals is available seven days a week, inclusive of weekends and public holidays. At Fantastic Handyman, we empower you to schedule your appointment at a time that best suits your lifestyle. The flexibility of our schedule also enables the uninterrupted progression of rewiring jobs through weekends, facilitating the earliest possible completion, and allowing you to promptly enjoy the benefits of your upgraded electrical system.

Fantastic handyman - van and equipment

Frequently asked questions

Q: How long does it take to rewire a house?

A: The timeline for rewiring a house largely depends on the property size and the complexity of the electrical system. However, as a general guide, a complete rewiring of a typical 3-bedroom house usually takes about one to two weeks. Please note that this may vary depending on unforeseen challenges or specific client requirements.

Q: Can I rewire a house on my own?

A: Rewiring a house is a complex and potentially dangerous job that requires a high level of expertise. Due to the inherent risks and the need to comply with electrical and building regulations, it's strongly recommended that all rewiring work be undertaken by a qualified electrician. DIY attempts may lead to serious safety issues, including electrical shocks or fires.

Q: How often should a house be rewired?

A: As a rule of thumb, a house should be rewired every 25-30 years to ensure that the electrical system remains safe and functional. However, the exact frequency can depend on the condition of the existing wiring and the demands placed on the electrical system.

Q: How messy is rewiring a house?

A: Rewiring a house can be a disruptive process. It often involves lifting floorboards, cutting into walls and ceilings, and causing some level of dust and debris. However, we aim to minimise this disruption as much as possible. It's also worth noting that the benefits of a safer, more efficient electrical system significantly outweigh the temporary inconvenience.

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