Get A Reliable Smoke Detector Installation For Your Home

How carbon monoxide finds its way into your household?

Carbon monoxide is an odourless, poisonous gas that is slightly lighter than air and is invisible to the naked eye. Once it pollutes the air inside a property, it can cause dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, and in severe cases – death. Some of the potential sources that could emit CO are:

  • Stoves;
  • Water heaters;
  • Paraffin heaters;
  • General gas wall heaters;
  • LPG gas appliances in caravans and boats;
  • Fires and boilers;
  • Sleeping areas.

Fantastic Handyman can readily supply you with a reliable device, designed to detect the presence of this invisible threat. The quick and precise technicians will install a carbon monoxide detector to reveal even the slightest traces of CO in your household.

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Everything you need to know about CO detectors

How to spot the presence of carbon monoxide

According to the Gas Safe Register, there are several ways in which you can tell if your home is polluted with carbon monoxide. Keep your eyes wide open for:

  • Gas flames that burn with a bright yellow colour instead of the regular blue;
  • Black marks on the front covers of gas fires or other appliances;
  • Windows that are way too misty with condensation;
  • Unstable boiler pilot lights or smoke coming from faulty hues.

What's included

Usually, a smoke alarm installation consists of the following steps:

  • Tell the experienced and polite team where to place your carbon monoxide alarm;
  • Before installing any smoke detectors, the technicians will first measure and set-up the bracket base;
  • The handymen will assemble, test, and securely mount the detector to your ceiling.

Types of CO detectors

With proper fire alarm maintenance, an average carbon monoxide detector can last up to 57 years, after which it's best replaced. Smoke units come in two varieties:

  • Ionisation alarms – Ideal for detecting blazing flames long before the smoke thickens;
  • Optical alarms – Good at tracking down slow-burning fires and are also less likely to be triggered by accident. They are most suitable for ground floor hallways or one-storey houses.

Setting up your smoke alarm

For an optimal CO2 detector placement, you should follow a couple of guidelines:

  • Mount your alarms in all rooms that feature fuel-dependent appliances;
  • Always check the user manual first before attempting to install, test, maintain, or replace your detector;
  • Monitor your unit's battery life and replace the smoke detector battery as soon as possible;
  • Place your alarm at either head level or above. If you cannot attach your smoke detector to a wall, use a shelf instead. Note that there needs to be a gap of at least 15cm between the alarm and the ceiling;
  • Mount your detector at least a metre away from any fireplaces or heating appliances, such as boilers and cookers;
  • Your device should be located in the same room as your appliances, away from heat or steam;
  • To ensure that your detector is working properly, press the test button on a regular basis and place a fresh set of batteries each year or when you hear the low battery signal.

Why you should have your detectors mounted by professionals

Sure, you could turn your smoke alarm replacement task into a DIY project, but do you know what’s the most efficient place to fit your device or how to connect its wires? Besides knowing how to do all of that, the tidy and swift electricians will also take their time to explain which alarm type would best suit your property's needs. Last, but not least, they'll arrive with an extensive set of tools to safely install your detector or to perform any smoke alarm maintenance services without a hitch.