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  • Fully qualified, experienced and insured drone repair specialists
  • High-quality parts and supplies by authorised DJI drone dealers
  • Your service is covered by a warranty period of 3 months
  • Stress test is run after fixing to ensure that the device is working properly
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How does it work?


Select a specific service from the online form or choose evaluation, first, if you are uncertain about what the problem is or your device has more than one issue.


After sending your drone to us, an experienced technician will expertly detect the exact fault with it and will assess the cost and the time needed for the repair.


We will notify you about the results from the drone evaluation service and proceed with the repairs, upon your confirmation.


Once your drone is back and running, we will get in touch with you to arrange a pick-up.

We repair drone quadcopters from most popular series

Is it a DJI Phantom or a Spark drone that needs fixing? Or you require a DJI Mavic repair service? We will inspect carefully your device, replace all its faulty parts and run all necessary tests at the end to ensure it works as new.

The advantages of our Fantastic drone repair service

Your drone repair service in London is powered by the extensive expertise of dedicated technicians, who have the skills and practical mindset to diagnose precisely the issue with your device and fix it within 1 to 3 days. They boast over 10 years of experience in servicing damaged consumer UAVs, whether they need a faulty motor replacement, a GPS error module replacement, a gimbal camera replacement or the shell has been cracked and needs fixing. In addition, we can address damages caused by wet weather conditions, crashes and falls, as well as remedy different operator failures. Below are some of the most common problems that you may experience with your drone:

  • Stuck motor, motors won’t start, motor problems
  • Shaky gimbal, gimbal overloud, gimbal issues, broken vibration board, damaged gimbal mounting plate
  • Remote controller problem, broken antenna, damaged RC
  • Gimbal ribbon flex cable issue, damaged or ripped ribbon cable
  • Broken or damaged arm, damaged shell, damaged landing gear, stress cracks
  • Compass error, signal loss during a flight, GPS warning
  • ESC status error, ESC failure, cannot take off

The drone repair technicians use high-quality parts, supplied by reputable and authorised DJI dealers. Furthermore, your service comes with full cleaning and testing at the end of the repairs, as part of our comprehensive overhaul service.

Service DJI Mavix Pro DJI Phantom DJI Inspire 1
Repair evaluation £11 £11 £11
Flex ribbon cable replacement £143 £121
Gimbal vibration absorbing board replacement £88
Crashed landing gear replacement £77
Faulty motor replacement £77 £165
Professional cracked shell replacement £154
Camera flex ribbon cable replacement £110
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Book professional drone repair services

It is best to book evaluation, if you are unsure what exactly is wrong with your device. We will perform full diagnostics and evaluation and get back to you as soon as we are aware what needs to be done in order to put your drone back to life.

A quote will be provided and you can decide whether you would like us to proceed.

Of course if you are sure what the problem with your drone seems to be, you can choose a specific service from the list.


Reasons to book our drone evaluation service

Often, a quadcopter fails to operate as it should, due to multiple damages that might have happened during an accidental fall. Or you may feel totally puzzled as to what exactly is behind your drone’s malfunction.

Then, a full evaluation of the issue is what you need. Just pick the diagnostic option from the online form and send your aerial vehicle to us, along with all its additional paraphernalia (cables, controllers, manuals, etc.). The drone evaluation service is designed to detail out the following:

  • Problem or faulty part - The expert, assigned to your drone evaluation and repair order will identify the issue with precision.
  • A list of parts - He will list all the parts needed to fix your aircraft, as well as describe the work required to get your device back in the air.
  • Time frame - We will let you know about how long the repair job will take. Please, note that we aim at completing every drone repair service within three days.
  • Cost - You will receive a detailed price quote. The cost of the repair service includes labour and parts, as well as cleaning, firmware updates, stress testing and full charging of your drone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common problems that can happen with your drone?

Your quadcopter may suffer from motor related issues, shell damages, gimbal camera problems, front sensor malfunctions, etc.

What brands do you service and repair?

We provide repair services exclusively for DJI drone models as we are an authorised DJI part dealer.

Do you repair water damages?

Yes. However, due to the complexity of any liquid damage repairs, we need to perform an inspection, first, to identify the exact problem with your device caused by submerging the aircraft under water.

Can you help fix my drone if I’ve taken it apart?

Yes. Just send your aerial vehicle to us, after selecting an individual repair or evaluation service via the booking form on this website.

What is your service coverage?

We cover the area of London, within the M25 zone.

What warranty do you offer on your drone repair services?

Your service is covered by a 3-months warranty to the specific problem we fix and the parts used to eliminate the fault.

How best to pack my device to avoid damages during shipping?

Use bubble wrap packaging to insulate your quadcopter in a sturdy box. Please, note that we are not liable for any postal damages or losses.

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