The Reliable Bathroom Installation You’ve Been Waiting For

Make your design a reality with bathroom refurbishment in London

In order to fully enjoy the comfort of your own home it is vital that your brand new bathroom is absolutely impeccable. And the dedicated bathroom fitters at Fantastic Handyman will be more than happy to bring your ideas to life. Take a look what we can do for you:

  • Perform tiling, plastering, and various plumbing jobs;
  • Use modern gear and quality materials for lasting results;
  • Fitting baths, showers, sinks, and other bathroom furniture;
  • Install brand new lighting to match your bath’s aesthetics;
  • Carry out the tasks on a suitable day (bank holidays included);
  • Create a new bathroom design in line with your instructions.

Get a personalised service based on your budget and requirements


Let’s take a look at what goes into bathroom fitting

Enjoy professional wiring and rewiring

Bathroom wiring is a delicate process that should only be handled by certified specialists. Technicians, such as the pros at Fantastic Handyman, who will have no trouble installing various types of bathroom lighting to help you strike that delicate balance between aesthetics and utility. The experienced handymen will also take your barren room and turn it into a luxurious palace by furnishing the place with bathtubs, electric showers, washbasins, shelves, toilets, and other accessories. And if everything is good to go except those pesky cables, the team will use the appropriate tools to provide you with professional rewiring.

Take your bathroom fitting to the next level

Good up-to-date bathrooms are instantly recognised by the quality materials that usually back them up. The knowledgeable Fantastic bathroom fitters will use durable grouts, silicone sealants, floor tiles, and copper piping to ensure that your small water kingdom stands the test of time. By fusing old-school skills with modern technology, the pros are more than capable of delivering top-notch plumbing, tiling, electrical, light building, and decorating services at any time and any place you need. Just choose a design, say the word, and the London bathroom refurbishers will adhere to a strict code of practice to deliver satisfying and long-lasting results.

Pick the materials for your bathroom fitting service

With time, our bathroom installation has expanded to include just about any tiling material you can think of. For instance, the diligent handymen can readily decorate your walls and floors with marble, travertine, slate, natural stone, porcelain, quarry, mosaic, glass, and even natural stone tiles. However, tile laying is often a tricky business that requires specialised treatment, lots of careful planning, and attention to detail. Thus, when performing your bathroom installation service, the Fantastic specialists will put all their wisdom and customised tools to the test to ensure that your new tiling is just as sturdy as it is mesmerising.

Make your bathroom gleam with proper electrical wiring

What’s the use of a bathroom that displays a perfect sense of harmony if you cannot appreciate any of it? Rewiring a bathroom is an important and responsible step and we, at Fantastic Handyman, are very much aware of that. With us, you will have access to a plethora of unique light sources that will turn your small acoustic environment into a bathroom like no other. Driven by passion and professional set of rules, your trusty handymen will also gladly help you put all bathroom fittings and the remaining puzzle pieces together to achieve a result that is not only beautiful, but lasts you a lifetime. Please note that the price of everything, from your floor tiles to your bathroom electrical wiring, will be calculated to fit your budget down to the last penny.